Autologous Blood Injections (ABI) for Tennis Elbow

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Autologous Blood Injections (ABI) is not typically done early in treatment, but rather when other forms of treatment have not helped. The theory regarding injecting whole blood into the area of injury is that it will stimulate healing within the tissues. 

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RISK: 4/5


All injections run the risk of infection and possible nerve damage. Some studies have indicated that most, if not all, patients who receive ABI experience increased localized pain following injection. However, overall, the risk of serious side effects appears to be very rare.


Raeissadat SA, Sedighipour L, Rayegani SM, Bahrami MH, Bayat M , and Rahimi R, “Effect of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) versus Autologous Whole Blood on Pain and Function Improvement in Tennis Elbow: A Randomized Clinical Trial,” Pain Research and Treatment, vol. 2014, Article ID 191525

Reviewing extensive research, the Washington State Health Care Authority ( concluded the risk of serious side effects is low.


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