Corticosteroid Injection for Plantar Fasciitis

Podiatrist treating feet during procedure


Cortisone injections provide good immediate relief of foot pain, but their effect is short-lived (2-3 months). There are potential risks or complications that may outweigh the benefits.

RESCU Treatment Ratings

R = Risk      E = Effectiveness      S = Self-Care

C = Cost     U = Usefulness (overall rating)

1 = Least Favorable     5 = Most Favorable


RISK: 2/5


Once a mainstay of treatment for plantar fasciitis (PF), cortisone injections (CSI) are generally no longer recommended. They do provide good immediate relief, but the effect is fairly short-living, lasting only 1-3 months. CSI injections can cause damage to the cartilage, making the fascia weaker and susceptible to rupture. It can also reduce the size of the protective fat pad on the bottom of the foot. Other potential complications include plantar fascia calcification, injury to nerves, sterile abscess, calcaneal osteomyelitis and even impaired vision.


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