“Slipped disc” (Herniated Nucleus Pulposus (HNP)

December 4, 2019 | Comments Off on “Slipped disc” (Herniated Nucleus Pulposus (HNP)

“Slipped disc” known as a Herniated Nucleus Pulposus (HNP) In our society, up to 80-85% of the US population will experience low back discomfort of varying causes. You may have heard someone say, “My back has not been too good lately because I have a slipped disc.” What exactly does that mean? “A slipped disc”…

Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease

December 4, 2019 |

Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease In our society, approximately 85% of adults will experience low back discomfort over their lifetime, resulting in considerable health costs as well as personal economic costs.  One of the causes of low back pain can be lumbar degenerative disc disease (lumbar DDD). Lumbar DDD explains the complex process of age-related changes…


December 4, 2019 |

SCIATICA In our society, approximately 80% of adults will experience low back discomfort over their lifetime, resulting in considerable health costs as well as personal economic costs.  Out of those low back cases, individuals can experience sudden, intermittent or constant “sciatica” which typically can be describe symptoms in one leg such as intense, dull ache,…

Plantar Fasciitis Vs. Diabetic Neuropathy

December 3, 2019 |

Plantar Fasciitis Vs. Diabetic Neuropathy Have you ever said, “My feet are hurting me so bad”? Now, this normal response could come from a variety of disorders or conditions from standing on your feet all day for family events to a more obvious reason like falling from a ladder and landing directly on heels (if…

Alternative Medicine and Acupuncture

December 3, 2019 |

Alternative medicine usually refer to non-traditional or non-Western medical practices for the promotion of health. Over the past two decades, individuals are looking for other medical sources for their well-being and health have reached a prevalence rate between 30-50%. One of these alternative medicine has been acupuncture. What is acupuncture? Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese…

CBD Oil? Everything you need to know!

December 3, 2019 |

CBD OIL? Recently, the use of medicinal marijuana has exploded on the medical community as patients are seeking alternative forms for their variety of disorders and conditions. The plant called cannabis sativa produces marijuana, hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) oils. The use of CBD oils continue to surge as individuals seek the medicinal benefits of marijuana…

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

October 30, 2019 |

CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME (CTS) Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is the most common of all , nerve compression conditions as it will affect 1 out of every 10 persons. Repetitive activity of various kinds can result in CTS as the median nerve becomes squeezed in a small anatomical space at the wrist called the carpal tunnel.…


August 13, 2019 |

Cervicogenic Headache Headaches can come in many forms with an array of causes but often individuals do not consider such symptoms to stem from the neck. Due to this “pain in the head” possibly, originating from the neck or cervical region, it can be classified as “cervicogenic headache.” Neck structures like muscles, specific cervical or…

Thigh pain

August 13, 2019 |

Thigh pain The thigh is that part of human anatomy extending from the hip to the knee. The leg bone is called the femur. The anterior thigh muscles are known as the quadriceps which allow for knee joint extension. The adductors are part of the medial anterior the thigh. The posterior thigh muscles are the…

Ankle Pain

August 13, 2019 |

Ankle Pain  The  ankle joint AKA talocural is  comprised from three bones, the tibia and fibula (  long bones of the leg)  and the talus ( top bone of the foot). Functionally, it is a hinge type joint, permitting dorsiflexion and plantar flexion and slight rotation of the foot.  The bones of ankle joint are…


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