Injection for Headache

close up of male doctor holding syringe with injection

RESCU Treatment Ratings

R = Risk      E = Effectiveness      S = Self-Care

C = Cost     U = Usefulness (overall rating)

1 = Least Favorable     5 = Most Favorable


RISK: 0/5


A variety of injections are used to treat headaches. Migraine sufferers might obtain a Toridol pain medication shot in the emergency department for a severe headache. Migraine patients might self-inject with Imitrex, which might or might not help. Botox injections are thought to help relax muscles among other effects. A more recent development is the use of calcitonin gene–related peptide, or CGRP injections for migraines.

Costs and risks for these therapies can be high, and vary widely, as does their effectiveness. Accordingly we are unable to provide ratings for these treatments, and recommend you discuss these options with your physician.