Lower Back Pain Treatment

By Jay Herrera, DPT
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What Are The Top 5 Conservative Lower Back Pain Treatments?

  1. Moist Heat: Muscle tension is a common denominator in acute and even chronic low back pain. Moist heat can help to increase localized blood flow to the area bringing in blood which has oxygen and other healing properties to the stressed tissue. Apply 15-20 minutes of moist heat to the affected low back area.
  2. Electrical Stimulation (Interferential current or TENS unit). These help  in controlling the excessive tension of the soft tissue and help to reduce pain. Adhesive patches will be applied around be painful area and the intensity level is set to your comfort.
  3. Soft tissue massage to increase blood flow and inhibit muscle contraction (relaxing the muscle)
  4. Cold laser therapy (aka Low Level Laser) which is a non-burning laser that stimulates the cells of the tissue where applied thereby promoting tissue healing.
  5. Exercise and stretching, where gentle contraction of the muscles of the affected area can be gently activated can help to decrease muscle tension.