Knee Pain

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

May 1, 2019 |

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery, What Is It? Arthroscopic knee surgery is a surgical technique that allows the surgeon to see inside the knee to diagnose or treat knee conditions without making a large incision. The surgeon uses a tiny camera called an arthroscope to see inside the knee joint.  Since the tools used to perform arthroscopic…

Tendonitis of the Knee

April 20, 2019 |

Tendonitis of the Knee, What It Is? Tendonitis of the Knee is when you have an irritated tendon in the front part of your knee usually below the knee cap but is can also be a generalized diffuse tendon irritation from the lower quadriceps to the insertion at the top of the tibia (shin bone).…

Knee Replacement

February 6, 2019 |

Knee Replacement or Arthroplasty A surgical procedure to replace the weight-bearing surfaces of the knee joint to relieve pain andreduce disability. Knee replacement is still considered an “elective” procedure for most. Recently a NY times article noted, about 12 percent of adults in the United States have painful arthritic knees that limit mobility. Yearly more than 640,000 have…

Osteoarthritis of the Knee

February 6, 2019 |

Osteoarthritis of the Knee, What is it? What are the symptoms, what can cause it, what are the treatment options and what should I expect? Basic knee anatomy: The knee joint is comprised of the connection of the femur AKA thigh bone, tibia or shin bone,  fibula,( smaller, next to tibia, and the patella ( knee…

Medical massage for back of knee pain in a physiotherapy center.

Back of Knee Pain

December 1, 2018 |

Back of knee pain, or pain behind the knee is also called posterior knee pain. It’s a common problem, typically from knee injuries. Swelling surrounding the knee joint or damage to any of the parts at the back of the knee can lead to pain behind the knee, making it difficult to walk or sleep.…

Knee Pain Exercise

Chronic Knee Pain

October 20, 2018 |

The Top 5 Knee Pain Home Remedies Chronic knee pain can be frustrating and debilitating. Most chronic knee pain will involve pain that is usually felt in the front part of the knee (anterior knee) and this is usually the result of the knee cap (patella) not tracking properly in the front of the knee. You…

Foot Orthotics

Why Should I Use Foot Orthotics?

July 15, 2018 | Comments Off on Why Should I Use Foot Orthotics?

Foot Orthotics Overview Mechanical or anatomic abnormalities can cause a combination of foot problems. These may affect the ankle, or other joints including the same sided knee, hip and even the lower back Occasionally the altered mechanics of the of the lower extremity at the ankle, or altered positions of the anatomic structures of the…

Male with Knee Pain

What Can I Do For Knee Pain?

July 15, 2018 |

Knee Pain Overview The knee joint is comprised of the connection of four bones of the lower extremity: Femur ( thigh bone) Tibia (shin bone) Fibula ( smaller, next to tibia) Patella ( knee cap). Bones are connected by ligaments. In the knee joint these include the medial and lateral meniscus, the cruciate ligaments (…


Injections for Knee Pain

May 12, 2018 |

Injections for Knee Pain Overview of injections for knee pain Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis distressing the knees with a breakdown of cartilage (the covering that protects joint bones). The bone surface starts eroding and becomes damaged causing swelling, stiffness and pain. When knee pain becomes a chronic problem typically due to osteoarthritis, and…


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